Reach Esports Fans Through Unique Sponsorship Opportunities


Sports brands, operators and car manufacturers all look to connect to a younger audience, and many have turned to esports to do it. As an innovative and new space, the digital source of entertainment offers many unique ways to connect with younger consumers. Here are some unique sponsorship opportunities for brands that want to make a mark in the esports industry and spice up their marketing strategy.

In-Game Banners

One of the most effective ways that brands have gotten their message in front of gamers is by having banners within the game itself. A stand-out example is when Honda had banners in League of Legends’ map, known as Summoner’s Rift, during the livestreamed LCS matches.

By doing this, fans tuning into the esports event would see Honda’s brand spread throughout the map without disrupting the matches with frustrating commercial breaks or obviously scripted ads. By keeping the sponsorship embedded into the game so naturally and without disruption, Honda could get in front of gamers without turning them off.

In-Game Skins

Although more resource-intensive, a similar technique is collaborating with game developers to create in-game assets inspired by your brand. Examples include League of Legends champions getting Louis-Vuitton-inspired skins or PUMA getting their logo onto branded Rocket League skins that appeared on the cars.

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Probably the most infamous example of in-game skins, however, is Fortnite. The colourful battle royale will often announce collaborations with movies, television shows, artists, and brands that include limited-time skins for gamers to play with. The game also has a Creative Mode that allows players to visit islands and take part in activities created by brands. This is a way for gamers to interact with your company and products without feeling like they are having a pitch forced on them, allowing them to connect with your brand’s mission.

Content Creator Collaborations

Another way to connect with gamers in an authentic way is through the content creators they love. A collaboration with a content creator — which can be a streamer, pro gamer, or influencer — varies from creative video series featuring your product to calling out your brand during a live stream.

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The key is to find the right content creator who can represent your brand and whose following has the demographic you want to reach. For example, Houston Outlaws’ first sponsor was T-Mobile, which led to some videos of the esports players unboxing new phones casually, showing off their personalities. Fans loved seeing their favourite players’ reactions since it felt so genuine.

Esports Fans as Consumers

Esports fans are a great audience to reach if you want to connect with younger audiences. Research has shown that 50% of esports fans are millennials (25-41) while 26% are Gen Z (16-24), making most of them old enough to have their own career and cash to spend but young enough to still want to use their money on things they find fun and exciting.

Check out our insight into esports fans’ consumer and social media habits to find out more about this interesting demographic.

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