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Some of the most well known brands in esports are using the Abios Esports API.







The Most Comprehensive Esports Data

The Abios data is curated 24 hours per day, 7 days per week and all year round by our editing team. This means that every little change from match times to streams are instantly available across all of the games and tournaments.


A Complete Esports Solution

The Abios API contains data points with everything from team statistics, available streams for matches to specific tournament information making it the one stop shop for esports data and statistics. Furthermore, the API is very dynamic and allows you to fetch the data that is just right for your platform, whether it is a disruptive app, news site or betting application.

Match Data

Every match and fixture comes loaded with meta data that is powerful for both front and back-end integrations as well as SEO.


The API has several years of historical data on teams, tournaments and much more readily available.


We are continuously adding more statistics to the API. Some of the most popular available statistics are head-to-head team performance, win rates and streaks.


The Power of One

Possibly the biggest advantage of the Abios Esports API is that it makes all the relevant data available from one place. It currently includes 12 games with more being added upon interest and request. The API allows you to save time and resources from making multiple data integrations and enables you to focus on making your application unique.

widgets - coming soon

Customize Widgets to Fit Your Needs

The Abios Widgets combine the power of the API with click-to-install simplicity allowing you to integrate live and dynamic content on your site with only a few clicks.


Want To Get Started?

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