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Integrity and Compliance within Esports


Uphold the integrity of esports

Build your games and tournaments to last. Abios has the technological capabilities to help tournament organisers and data rights holders monitor games and tournaments for suspicious activity.


Esports is no different than traditional sports, there is always a risk of illegal betting syndicates affecting the outcome of games. Abios has the technical capability to monitor bettor data and we can collaborate with our downstream partners to detect and track nefarious activities early on.


Games must be fair in order to be played and enjoyed in a meaningful way. Abios can detect software-cheats through a number of different techniques. These methods include identifying inhumane reaction times and click-speeds.


Stay compliant in an everchanging esports landscape

Discover Abios Player Age Compliance-product that tracks player ages for every team and match. Abios ensures that the participants are of age (usually 18+) before you offer any markets.

Countries are gradually adopting stricter regulations and Abios makes sure to stay on top of the latest developments. Regulation on betting where minors are participating is becoming more common. Abios supports this, as it is an integral part in protecting esports and ensuring full compliance for our customers.

However, the flip side is that the landscape is becoming increasingly difficult for sportsbooks to navigate. We understand the challenges in providing the best possible player experience while ensuring compliance with local regulations.

Keep track of player ages in every major game
Increase up-time and keep your markets open
Get the latest roster updates

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