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Are you a game publisher or tournament organiser? Abios is the home of official esports data. Add a source of revenue and improve your brand recognition.

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The Trusted Distribution Partner for Rights Holders

With more than 65 customers globally, distributing data through Abios instantly enables community sites, news, media, apps and others to leverage that data to make your brand and IP stand out.

  • Experience and Reliability

    Having powered the industry with data ever since its foundation in 2013, Abios is the only established, trusted and widely proven esports data company.

  • Distribution & Reach

    We are ready to distribute your data into our existing network of products and clients from day 1. We also reach all esports stakeholders, from the largest betting operators to media start-ups and teams.

  • Tech & Completeness

    Our infrastructure is mature and tested to handle everyhting from extraction to delivery. Abios is the only provider with full game coverage and product offering.

  • Integrity

    Abios operates with full transparency and are open to distribute to everyone. As a rights holder, you deserve the right to determine where the data is made available and we will help you with tracking the integrity of matches.

  • Longevity

    With a 9 year track record and a proven business model for rights, Abios is looking to establish long-term, healthy relationships.

Our Products, Your Revenue

Abios offer our partners a full suite of services in 17 games through a selection of different products and pricing tiers. We plug real-time data into existing systems and generate revenue from day one, with no speculation or vague promises about future products. This established technical platform, in combination with a large customer network across many different industries, allows for instant monetisation possibilities of your data.

  • REST and Push API

    The Abios API is our core product and offers the most detailed statistics and broadest coverage of matches in the industry. Among our clients are betting operators, news outlets, teams and apps.

  • Content Widgets

    The Abios Widgets provide engaging visual content and are a great way to make your brand available and visible to the masses. We offer tailored widgets for sportsbooks and media sites alike.

  • Odds Feed

    Our mission is to create the market leading live betting experience through the combination of proprietary pricing and our industry leading data sources. A great way to monetise on the ever growing esports betting market.

  • Trading Dashboard

    The Abios Trading Dashboard offers the ability to sell low-delay video feeds paired with relevant data, statistics and probabilities in order to simplify and enable the live trading of matches.

You Have Full Access

Abios returns additional value to the Tournament Organisers and their viewers through visualisations during matches and tournaments, and in other production environments to increase viewer engagement. Abios is an agile company happy to work closely with the Tournament Organisers. We host workshops with the production team to gather information and ideas on what is to be built. We understand and are truly passionate about the games, which helps us present actionable insights for:

  • In/On Stream
  • Shoutcasters
  • Second Screen
  • Twitter Feeds
  • Analyst Desk
  • Website/App

Plug-and-Play Integration

Abios has developed market leading tools for extracting server data, requiring little to no technical implementation from you. Through years of experience we have managed to solve the edge cases and difficulties involved in tracking the data as accurately as possible.

  • Data with no overhead

    Our highly optimised solutions offer distribution of data with virtually no added latency. This even holds true when mapping ID spaces and adding metadata to the content as it passes through our system.

  • Low latency Audio & Video

    Abios distributes no-delay tournament audio/video feeds which can be monetised in our Trading Dashboard and can also be mapped and distributed as-is to premium clients in closed environments.

  • We take care of the tech

    We can ingest data in numerous ways. For example, in CS:GO you simply add a few lines of server configuration to safely send us all the information needed/required information.

Frequently Asked Questions

Whether you are a AAA game publisher or a small Tournament Organiser, we are here to help and answer your questions.

  • Who will Abios sell and distribute our official data to?

    Abios believes that one of the most important factors for the Rights Holder is to ensure a complete and fair availability and distribution of data. Abios works with, or is willing to work with, all potential clients and providers in the industry. If you want to ensure that your data is distributed, shown and monetised in every corner of the esports world then Abios should be your partner of choice.

  • Why should we choose Abios as the official distributor of our data and AV feeds?

    Abios has a fully developed and thoroughly battle-tested distribution platform from which we deliver data through our Push and REST APIs along with additional monetisation of the data through our Odds and Widgets products. Our clients are already subscribed to this and lined up to pay additional fees for faster and more detailed data. Abios has the infrastructure in place and is ready to distribute the server data right away.

  • How much work is required on our end to distribute the data?

    Very little is needed. Abios only needs access to a server lobby, data API or enabled data pushes from the server. For example, in CS:GO you can simply add a few lines of code to the server configuration to safely send us all the data needed.