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Customer differentiation and empowerment

Abios is a subscription based esports data company, operating a DaaS (data as a service) business model. We are a pure business-to-business supplier of historical and live data, statistics and content visualisations, probability calculations and compliance solutions.

Founded early 2013 in Stockholm, we have since been hard at work facilitating the esports industry growth by creating value for customers and enabling their esports enterprises. Abios now employs more than 50 people, all across the globe.


We have customers in 6 continents that span industries from media to sports betting.


We cover more than 6.000 matches per month for continuous coverage.


Our modern infrastructure achieves 99.99%+ uptime, including scheduled maintenance.


Our products provide data from over 16 games, with more added upon request.

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A technology-first approach to esports data and analytics

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World's broadest coverage

Abios offers extensive coverage for the most popular esports titles in the industry. New titles are added continuously upon demand.

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Purpose-built infrastructure

State-of-the-art infrastructure built for efficient and performant scaling for mission-critical uses makes Abios an ideal up- or down-stream partner.

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Proven reliability

With robust and resilient applications our platform has no scheduled maintenance or service interruptions. It just works, at internet scale.

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Extensive documentation

Integration processes should be simple and hassle-free. We offer documentation and support for every step of the way.


Discover the potential of esports data

Structured and reliable data from one place, to support all your esports projects. The API lets you experience the complete freedom of building any kind of esports product with live and historical data to support it.

Customizable packaging solutions are available.

Learn more about our Data API

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Engage your audience

Increase your user engagement without complicated integration processes. The Abios Widgets deliver esports data visualisation as a ready-made iframe solution, displaying pregame and live match statistics in a fully customizable and responsive way.

Learn more about our Widgets


Fully automated, fully compliant

Let our data-driven odds feed give your sportsbook the backend it deserves. It can be offered directly to end users, be used as an aid in setting odds or as a trading tool.

The Abios Odds are modelled and derived from our leading API and statistical database. They are then manually traded and monitored.

Learn more about our Odds


Protect the future of esports

Safeguard your matches against corruption, match fixing and cheating through Abios real-time monitoring and integrity services. We help our partners track the integrity of matches, while our rights holders get to determine where the data should be made available.


Ensure the integrity of your games and tournaments with real-time monitoring and integrity services.


Stay compliant and keep your markets open in regulated markets with our Player Age Services.

Learn more about Integrity & Compliance


Plug-and-Play integration for tournament organizers

Monetise your data through our battle-tested distribution platform. We plug real-time data into existing systems which lets you generate revenue and brand recognition from day one. Our large customer network spans worldwide and we are open to distribute data to everyone.

Easy monetization

Reach new market segments and get your brand in front of millions of users around the world.

Data with no overhead

Plug into our distribution platform with ease. The integration requires little to no effort from your side.

Learn how you can monetize your data


Unibet uses Abios to broaden their esports offering

Abios’ expertise and ability to quickly deliver tailored widgets is greatly enhancing our esports product. The addition of match insights, line-ups and live streaming is helping us grow this vertical significantly and gives the site a more endemic feel. Powered by their extensive API, a talented design team and smooth technical integrations, we will look to continue and further expand the partnership in the years to come.

Esports Product Manager

Kindred Group

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