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Create the ultimate esports experience

Whether you're a news site, an esports team, or work within affiliate marketing, Abios Media Widgets can be used to showcase esports calendars and streams directly on your website.

Top bar

Give your audience a good overview with a scrollable calendar on the top of your website.


Enrich your user experience by giving your audience access to the latest matches in conjunction with your content.

Or... just add a complete streaming experience directly to your website

Our site takeover widget acts as a full landing page that can be populated with streams, content, and esports calendars for the most popular games and tournaments.

Endless customization possibilities

Make sure the widgets are yours. Customise fonts, colors, and UI to capture the essence of your website and make the widgets look endemic.

Seamless integration

The integration is done in a couple of hours or less. Our widgets are ready-made iframe solutions that can be implemented without any technical overhead. The only thing you need to do, is to insert some sections of code into the website and you are ready to go.


<iframe src="https://widget.abiosgaming.com/esports-inc/topbar/" />


<iframe src="https://widget.abiosgaming.com/esports-inc/calendar/" />

Ready to get started?

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