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Soccer. But around the clock.

Prolong the soccer season with esoccer content in-between matches and during the off-season.


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Engaging esports content around the clock

Entertain sports fans between top-tier matches in soccer/football with esoccer. It delivers fast and engaging gameplay in a simple format that's easy to understand, while fun to bet on. Perfect for off-season or for keeping fans on your site between matches.

Fast and exciting live odds

With access to data directly from the tournament organisers, we can create fast, exciting bet offers and live markets with high uptime that allow players to be part of the action for long periods of time.

The rules of esoccer are the same as for football, but with one important caveat: The matches are 8 minutes long on average. It creates an environment with fast and exciting twists and turns that keep player on their toes.

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Extend the football season

The sports calendar is seasonal, with gaps between tournaments and off-season. Ensure steadier revenue streams around the year with 24/7 esoccer content.

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Increase time on page

Provide engaging content right after, or in-between popular matches to maximise the potential revenue streams of peak season while keeping players on site.

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Create an immersive experience

Let your players be immersed in the action by providing real-time streams and widgets next to your markets. It gives players more information and context to the bet offers, giving them the chance to take more informed decisions before placing a bet.


Stream matches directly on your site

Instead of players having to find new betting content and matches to follow, you can bring the action to them. Keep players on your site with real-time streams of esoccer matches next to your odds feed. It gives your players an endemic sports experience and a reason to stay on your site for longer.

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Stats and visualisations in real time

Provide context for upcoming esoccer tournaments with stats and information from previous matchups. It empowers players to make more informed decisions and creates an engaging experience.

Our widgets are fully customizable, allowing you to change font, color and language to fit your brand.

Esoccer widget examples of the Abios eventfeed and scoreboard

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Get in touch with sales and discover how esoccer content can bring continuous revenue to businesses reliant on the seasonal sports calendar.

Engage your audience

Provide streams, stats and live scores right next to your odds with Abios Esports Widgets.

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Discover our esports odds

Abios odds service provides operators with fast and engaging markets, based on official data sources.

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