JustWatch launches a streaming guide for League of Legends based on Abios technology in the aftermath of Worlds 2022


Worlds 2022 featured one of the most exciting finals in the history of League of Legends with a Cinderella story win for DRX. It reached a peak viewership of 5.1 million viewers, an increase of roughly 20% from 2021. 

To simplify the viewership experience for the next season, JustWatch has added a new streaming guide for League of Legends based on Abios data.

The League of Legends World Championships is the crown jewel of esports events in many ways. It brings fans together from all over the world, all looking to watch the epic conclusion of the year’s League of Legends(LoL) tournament circuit. This year, the nail-biting Grand Final was played between DRX and T1. They battled out an intense Bo5 on Summoner’s Rift to a record-breaking 5.1 million peak viewers according to data from Esports Charts

DRX’s road to World Champion 

We analysed the statistically strongest teams going into Worlds 2022 prior to the tournament. From LCK (the Korean League), T1 and Gen.G looked promising, given both had win rates over 70%. Nonetheless, DRX, the bottom seed in the Korean League, managed to stomp its way through the play-ins and group stages. They went up against the reigning world champion EDward Gaming and Korean top seed Gen.G, to finally win 3 of 5 matches in a Bo5 against T1.  

The Final was arguably one of the most intense yet. DRX came in as a true underdog. They lost their first match, making the world champion title seem far away. Nonetheless, they managed to turn it all around, winning the next game and levelling the playing field. 

The last match was a true nail-biter given both teams had won two matches each. DRX managed to win a team fight in the 19th match minute, which set them up for an easy Baron and a clear match advantage. However, just as DRX was about to finish it off, T1 managed to snag it with a well-timed Varus arrow from T1 Gumayusi. It led T1 to sit with approximately 2k in gold advantage in the 27th match minute, making it all the more even. 

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The last minutes of the match featured a battle for the Elder Dragon which DRX won. At the same time, T1 Zeus and T1 Faker were pushing for the DRX Nexus and managed to get one of the turrets down before DRX Kingen and DRX Zeka managed to contain their push, which led the team to snowball down the Mid Lane to ultimately enter the T1 base and kill the Nexus. 

The roars from the stadium were earth-shattering, and the caster concluded it best: “They have been doubted, they have been discounted, they have been dismissed, but DRX are your 2022 World Champions”. 

With this dramatic conclusion, we can’t wait for the next tournament circuit. The spring playoffs typically start around mid-January, kicking off the next season.

League of Legends tournament circuit structure

The LoL tournament circuit is divided into 12 different regions competing in the Spring and Summer split. Based on the points teams gather during the Split playoffs, they can score a spot in the Mid Season Invitational or the League of Legends Worlds Championships. 

According to Esports Charts, the regions with the most viewership during the summer of 2022 on Twitch and Youtube were the Korean league(LCK), the European League(LEC), the French League(LFL), the Spanish League(LVP) and the Brazilian League(CBLOL).

Where to watch League of Legends

Given that matches in League of Legends esports are played on different platforms in various languages, time zones and leagues, it can be a hassle to find the right match to watch.

JustWatch, the platform that has provided us with a way to find out where to watch movies and series in an increasingly fragmented streaming market, has yet again come up with a helpful solution. 

They have released a streaming guide for League of Legends, where fans can find schedules and streams for matches in their preferred languages. It simplifies the viewership experience and aggregates the links to streams, making it easier for fans to find something to watch. 

JustWatch Streaming Guide for League of Legends

When we asked them why they had created the service, the team from JustWatch replied “as esports fans ourselves, we wanted fans worldwide to no longer spend time browsing through a never-ending list of streams on Twitch or YouTube before they can enjoy the event.” 

The service fetches tournament and stream data from the Abios esports database. Key Account Manager Karl Rönn comments on the partnership: “The streaming service that JustWatch has launched goes to show the many possibilities of esports data. They have found a way to simplify the viewership experience for esports fans and given our goal of facilitating the growth of esports, we’re incredibly happy to be part of the project.”

Check out the streaming solution below, and make sure to bookmark it before the 2023 League of Legends season starts!