Everything you need to know about the 2023 Dota 2 season


The Dota 2 Pro Circuit is where all of the top Dota 2 teams in the world compete to end up at The International, one of the largest esports tournaments of the year. But how do they end up at this prestigious event in 2023? Here’s everything you need to know about the upcoming season.

The Dota Pro Circuit for 2022 and 2023 is similar to the previous season’s schedule but now there’s divisions within regional leagues and those leagues’ durations are shortened. The two divisions will play on separate dates and there’s no holiday breaks during the Winter Tour.

Here’s the full schedule for this year.

DPC 2022/2023 Schedule

Winter Tour

  • Open Qualifiers: December 11-13, 2022
  • Closed Qualifiers: December 14-15, 2022
  • Division 1 Regional League Tournament: January 9-29, 2023
  • Division 2 Regional League Tournament: January 30 – February 19, 2023
  • Major Tournament: February 24 – March 5, 2023

Spring Tour

  • Open Qualifiers: March 13-15, 2023
  • Closed Qualifiers: March 16-22, 2023
  • Division 1 Regional League Tournament: March 13 – April 2, 2023
  • Division 2 Regional League Tournament: April 3-23, 2023
  • Major Tournament: April 28 – May 7, 2023

Summer Tour

  • Open Qualifiers: May 15-27, 2023
  • Closed Qualifiers: May 18-24, 2023
  • Division 1 Regional League Tournament: May 15 – June 4, 2023
  • Division 2 Regional League Tournament: June 5-25, 2023
  • Major Tournament: June 30 – July 9th, 2023

DPC 2022/2023 Season details

The locations of the Majors have been revealed by Valve, bringing the excitement to a variety of exciting cities:

  • Winter Tour: Lima, Peru
  • Spring Tour: Berlin, Germany
  • Summer: Bali, Indonesia

This is the first time that Peru and Indonesia will host a Major. Germany, on the other hand, has already hosted three — and this will be the fourth. The location for The International is still a mystery.

The prize pool for The International is also not known just yet — but it’s sure to be quite large. The prize pool last year was $18.9 million, with $8.5 million going to the champions, Tundra Esports.

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So who will win this year? The competing teams to look for include Tundra Esports, Team Liquid, PSG.LGD, Team Aster, Team Secret, beastcoast, Evil Geniuses, OG, Gaimin Gladiators, Vici Gaming, and Virtus.pro.

The first Major is the Lima Major 2023. This is where you’ll get to check out how these team fare on a big stage for the first time this year. With $500K on the line, it’s sure to be an intense finish to the Winter Tour. It begins February 22, 2023.

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