Philip Taube: Why you should choose Abios as your data provider


To obtain esports data to fuel scoreboards, live scores, team analytics, or comparison platforms, companies need to build databases and infrastructure that can receive and process the data and allow it to be shown to an end user in a meaningful way.

Abios provides esports data and data-driven products for tournaments in 15+ games. To shine a light on how an Abios integration works, Philip Taube, Abios Partner Manager, describes common customer questions and how customers can make the most out of their esports operations through data-driven products and services.

First of all, what is Abios, and what services do you provide?

Abios delivers enterprise-scale esports solutions to customers around the globe. From ambitious startups to larger enterprises, our scalable data solutions allow sportsbooks, esports teams and news platforms to decipher esports data, highlight outliers, analyse head-to-heads, and showcase live scores for their customers. 

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Esports matches are played on game servers, meaning every action and event in a game gets recorded as a data point. We tap into the data, whether we buy real-time data from rights holders for our odds feed or monitor the largest matches to collect scores and schedules. We package and standardise the data across titles, making it easy for our customers to consume, whether it be through a predictions feed, database or iframe widgets.


How do you integrate with data services such as an esports data API?

Abios data solutions can be accessed in three ways: an odds feed, data feed and widgets. 


The odds feed is for licensed sportsbooks in regulated markets and provides predictions and pricing for markets on esports matches. To integrate odds, sportsbooks must ensure they have the infrastructure needed to handle information from an odds API, which then requires development work to set up. 


Abios’ esports data APIs deliver data points through REST and Push APIs, which allows customers to get new information seamlessly. This requires integration with a customer database receiving the information and a potential frontend to display the information. 


Being a ready-made iframe solution, Abios Widgets allow customers to showcase pre-match and live statistics, including live scores, head-to-head statistics and embedded streams across various esports titles. As the widgets can be embedded and customised, they only require ID mapping, significantly reducing development time. 

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What does your coverage look like in terms of data points and tournaments?

With 10+ years of historical data and over 50,000 data points, Abios delivers tournament, match, team and player data from 15+ esports titles. They range from the largest ones, League of Legends, Dota 2 and Counter-Strike, to long-tail ones, including PUBG Mobile and Halo: Infinite—all to offer our customers comprehensive coverage across the most essential titles. 

With a title-agnostic data offering, Abios can add and switch games upon demand. This allows customers to be agile in creating an offering that resonates with end-users. New titles can be added if there’s significant customer or fan interest, ultimately future-proofing the offering of any esports platform. 

For larger titles such as Counter-Strike, Dota 2 and League of Legends, we offer more comprehensive data points in play as well as post-and pre-match stats. Contact Sales for more information.


How do you ensure developers can make the most of your products?

Being a tech startup and product-driven company at our core, our developers sit front and centre in our decision-making processes. As such, we know how important it is for developers to have a solid foundation of documentation to inform their implementation processes. 

As such, we’ve greatly emphasised building our Product Documentation to ensure our APIs and other products are easy to understand and implement. 

We also have a team of scouts monitoring matches 24/7, ready to answer any questions our customers may have. 


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