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Perfect for smaller ventures


Ideal for smaller businesses and startups. Tons of statistics and visual media.

  • Series level data
  • From 30 days history
  • From 90 requests per minute
Made for greater insight


Detailed results, intriguing statistics and in-depth data.

  • Match level data
  • From 180 days history
  • From 180 requests per minute
All you could ever need


Every event within a match, big or small, right at your fingertips.

  • In-game level data
  • From 365 days history
  • From 500 requests per minute

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The packages are structured to fit any type of business. Make sure to get in touch if you want to tailor a package to fit your needs specifically.

Scoring Data

Series scores
more info

E.g. the score 2-1 in a Best of Three Series.

Match scores
more info

E.g. the round score of 16-11 in CS:GO or the kill score of 32-18 in Dota 2.

Player Kill / Death / Assist
more info

A timeline of events from each match, with K/D/A and more!

Content Comparison

more info

Start and end times of series and tournaments.

more info

The teams and their players along with historical rosters.

more info

Amongst other things: country of origin, team history and roles.

Expected Rosters
more info

The expected roster for the series, typically the main line-up.

more info

Streams in many different languages from all major stream providers are associated with all series.

more info

Information such as start and end times, stages, brackets, prize pools and much more.

more info

The API contains bracket logic in order to dynamically generate brackets of any format.

more info

Standings and tables tailored for specific tournament rule sets.

Past encounters
more info

Provided only on a series level for the series package but on a match level for the match & PbP package.

Recent performance
more info

Provided only on a series level for the series package but on a match level for the match & PbP package.

more info

Series and/or matches are flagged for 'incidents' along with a comment describing the situation if anything were to occur which jeopardises the integrity of the data.

Match rosters
more info

Rosters specified on a match basis including potential stand-ins or changes between matches in a series.

Map info
more info

What map the match is being played on (only available in some games).

Player performance
more info

Player win/loss stats on a match basis.

more info

If a competitor has forfeited a series and/or match.

Round number
more info

Which round the stats relate to.

Round winner
more info

The winner of a specific round.

Weapon accuracy
more info

Accuracy per weapon grouped by hit groups.

Weapon events
more info

All shots fired whether missed or accurate.

Bomb events
more info

Bomb plant, defuse, explode, dropped etc.

more info

All damage given and taken.

more info

All healing given and taken.

Economy / GPM / XPM
more info

Each player’s economy, gold per minute, experience per minute and net worth at any given point in the match.

Roshan / Baron / Dragon
more info

When they spawn, are killed and take damage.

Draft sequence
more info

Each team’s picks and bans.

Structure events
more info

If structures take damage or are destroyed/denied such as towers, shrines, barracks, turrets and inhibitors etc.

Hero/Champion stats
more info

Heroes/Champions played and hero/champion performance of players.

Creep stats
more info

Each player’s creep kills/denies.

more info

Where players are and where events occur.

Rate limits

Requests per second
more info

Number of request allowed per second.

Requests per minute
more info

Number of request allowed per minute.


Secure payments

Security is a priority for us. We have chosen Stripe to handle billing cycles, data encryption and tokenisation of all sensitive payments and billing information. We use SSL to encrypt all data in transit.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Here’s a few answers to some of our most common questions

Which games do you support?

The Abios API currently covers the following 16 games:

  • League of Legends
  • Dota 2
  • Counter-Strike: Global Offensive
  • Overwatch
  • Hearthstone
  • King of Glory (Arena of Valor)
  • Heroes of the Storm
  • Starcraft 2
  • Starcraft 1 Remastered
  • Call of Duty
  • Heroes of Newerth
  • Smite
  • Super Smash Bros.
  • World of Warcraft
  • PlayerUnknown's Battlegrounds
  • Fortnite

What are the next games you will be adding?

The games we add depend on the demand from our customers and the popularity in the esports scene. Games that we are currently considering include Rocket League, Fifa and perhaps most importantly the quickly growing genre of Battle Royale. We are currently closely following both PUBG and Fortnite in order to assess whether the popularity for the games can transition into an esport with large viewership in the tournaments.

How is the data in the API formatted?

Our API communicates with JSON formatted data. If you want to consume the data in other formats (such as XML) we suggest you use a suitable conversion library.

How do you collect your data?

We collect our data in several different ways. The most detailed and preferred way is to collect server side data by either collecting data from the server itself as the match is being played or by parsing server logs. For occasions when that is not possible we use machine learning and artificial intelligence software to extract data as well as manual data collection. While automating as much as possible to ensure consistency, we have a staff of full time editors working 24/7 watching all the matches and constantly communicating with tournament organisers to make sure that all of our data is correct and sorted properly.

For which games do you support Play-by-Play data?

We currently supply Play-by-Play data for League of Legends, Counter Strike: Global Offensive and Dota 2. However, we are always adding to, and expanding, our data offer. Be sure to get in contact and ask for the latest status of games available.

Which tournaments do you cover?

We cover all tier 1 and tier 2 tournaments across all of our titles. For some of the larger titles we sometimes cover tier 3 tournaments as well. A good rule of thumb is: if the tournament is streamed reliably, we most likely cover it. If there is a tournament in particular you want us to cover, that we don’t already, you can always ask us and we will do our best to cover it.

How many matches do you cover per month?

The number of matches we cover per month varies depending on the amount of tournaments played, and what stage they are in. But on average we cover about 5,000 matches per month across the games we cover.