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All esports data. From one API.

Unlock the potential of esports by obtaining all the data you need to fuel your project.


Matches covered all around the world yearly


JSON data served every month


Average events per minute of match throughput


Data points of structured data stored

Plug into the largest collection of esports data

Get all the esports data you need from one source. We make sure it's fast, reliable and normalised across every game.

Esports data

Connect to our platform to get data coverage for the games you want. We handle the critical integrations to data sources so you don't have to. The only thing you have to do, is to choose the packaging that fits your needs. We'll handle the rest.

Data with no overhead

Everything that happens in an esports match is a data point. We give you access to thousands of data points across 16 games.

League of Legends
Dota 2
Counter Strike
EA Sports FC
Rainbow 6
Rocket League


Games covered


Tournaments covered


Matches per month


Teams and Players


    Data and statistics from 800+ tournaments - at your fingertips

    From minor to major tournaments. Abios offers coverage for tournaments and games all over the globe.

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The Data flows straight into your esports products

Are you building an application where you want statistics from several years back in time? Or do you want to power a live-focused play-by-play app? We have the APIs and tools that you need to succeed.

Live data

Let the kills, grenade throws and baron deaths flow into your systems - as they happen. Our push API sends the live data in a normalised structure across every game directly into your servers.

Historical data

Track the performance of teams and players in as much detail as you want with seven years of historical esports data. Send any request to our REST API, and it will deliver.

Esports content

Our editorial team enriches the data with live streams, images and logos for you to build the products that meet all your user requirements.

Bespoke packaging

Choose the solution that fits you. Decide how much data you need and for what games. We'll configure access and pricing accordingly.

Bespoke packaging


Let our data power the right product for you

There are countless use cases for esports data. Whether you are an esports team wanting to build a calender for your fans - or a sportsbook looking to power odds - we've got you covered.


Give your audience the most engaging markets with data visualisation, historical data and in-depth player statistics. We provide the data you need. The rest is up to your imagination.

Media and Content

Esports fandom is bigger than ever, and content is key to engage your audience and grow your business. With a never ending data flow at your fingertips you can focus on the statistics and behaviour patterns that help you push your platform to the next level.


Build affiliate esports platforms with crisp esports data to enhance user experience and deliver further value to your customers. We provide everything from images, logos, streams to day-to-day match information.

Fantasy leagues

Build a fantasy league for the game you want. We’ll fuel it with in-depth player statistics and continuously updated data, to make sure you’ve always got the latest information available on all players.

curl -i --location --request GET 'https://atlas.abiosgaming.com/v3/seriesfilter=game.id(1, 5),tier=1,lifecycle=live' \

Natus Vincere

(The API) is a great tool for getting all data about matches and tournaments. Now our fans can not only follow the games of the NAVI rosters, but also dive deeper into the statistics. You are instantly aware of any changes, and at the same time remain at the club's website.

Aleksey Kucherov

Chief Operating Officer

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Developers first

Our documentation, toolset and APIs lets your development process run smoothly, giving you time to focus on your core business. Whether your business is latency-critical or statistics-heavy, our platform is ready to deliver.

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1234567curl -i --location --request GET'https://atlas.abiosgaming.com/v3/series' \ --header 'Abios-Secret: 5cd901230d4c73950e5fa0293020a3'

An API that you can run your business on

The robust infrastructure and redundancy of the platform allows for minimal service interruptions and maintenance. It just works.

High availability

Abios has throughout history provided uninterrupted access to our services. We have only experienced a handful of service interruptions over eight years. Most of which are due to cloud service malfunctions.

No maintenance

All production and testing systems are available at all times. Our infrastructure allows us to perform updates and maintenance without service interruptions.

Minimal latancy

A combination of state of the art technology and purpose built applications ensure minimal latency for all requests, including advanced statistics.

Mapped ID-spaces

The ID spaces are mapped with other APIs in the industry. For example, you can easily fetch data from us with an Kambi ID.

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