VALORANT Betting Habits, Most Popular Teams and Regional Split


The VALORANT Champions Tour is underway with the Kickoffs just wrapping up. Taking place in regions all over the world, the VCT 2024 Kickoffs had the top teams emerging victorious, ready to compete in an international stage.

While you may have been following the action on Twitch, we have been behind-the-scenes gathering some interesting betting information for each match. If you’re looking to get involved with VALORANT esports betting, check out this valuable insight into bettor activity so you can better set odds and analyze team popularity.

VCT 2024 Kickoff Dates

The kickoffs are now complete all over the world. Here’s when they took place in each region:

  • VCT 2024: Pacific Kickoff. 17 Feb – 2 Mar, 2024
  • VCT 2024: China Kickoff. 22 Feb – 2 Mar, 2024
  • VCT 2024: EMEA Kickoff. 20 Feb – 2 Mar, 2024
  • VCT 2024: Americas Kickoff. 16 Feb – 3 Mar, 2024

What’s next? Two Masters events that will determine the best of the best from around the world. Masters 1 Madrid is later this month followed by Masters 2 Shanghai in May. Here’s some betting insight before these massive VALORANT tournaments begin.

Most Active Regions

Esports bettors from all over the world took to sportsbooks to win big on VALORANT matches during the Kickoffs. But some regions were much more invested in the action than others, meaning your content should maybe try to appeal to some regions a bit more. Here were the top regions betting on VALORANT:

  • Europe
  • NA
  • Oceania

Europe was far and away the most excited when it came to betting on VALORANT teams and matches, taking up 72% of activity.

Live vs. Pre-Match Betting

When it came to bettors making moves on matches, it was split quite evenly between pre-match decisions and live bets. It looked like more VALORANT fans preferred to make bets as the matches were taking place, however, most likely exhilarated by the action and feeling like they could make clearer decisions based on team behavior.

  • Live – 58%
  • Pre-Match – 42%

Most Bet on Matches

So who were the fans watching the closest during the Kickoff? Here are the most bet on matches during the Kickoffs:

  • G2 Esports vs. MIBR
  • Sentinels vs. G2 Esports
  • Team Heretics vs. Karmine Corp
  • Karmine Corp vs. KOI
  • Natus Vincere vs. Team Heretics
  • Fnatic vs. Karmine Corp
  • Evil Geniuses vs. G2 Esports
  • Team Liquid vs. KOI
  • KRU Esports vs. G2 Esports
  • MIBR vs. Sentinels

As you can see, most of these matches feature some of the largest and most popular teams from all over the globe. Fans can’t help but tune in to see if their favorite teams will come out on top. Sentinels were the winners of the Americas, making their matches exhilarating and impactful. But the most-watched match was actually between G2 Esports and MIBR in Europe, most likely due to G2’s star power in the VALORANT scene. Still, Karmine Corp came out victorious in that region.

Most Bet on Teams

From the above results, you probably won’t be surprised by the teams that had the most bettors on the edge of their seat. These are the teams that not only did well at the VCT 2024 Kickoffs but have consistently performed exceptionally the last few seasons. When teams are more likely to win matches and make impressive moves, bettors feel more confident with their consistent performance.

Here are the most bet on teams during the Kickoffs:

  • Sentinels
  • G2 Esports
  • Team Vitality
  • NRG
  • Team Heretics
  • Karmine Corp
  • FunPlus Phoenix
  • Fnatic
  • Leviatan

Most Bet On Regions

Which region had bettors the most invested? These were the Kickoffs that had the most betting activity:

  • Americas
  • EMEA
  • Pacific
  • CN

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