Abios releases new esoccer report ahead of Euros and Copa América


As part of Kambi Group, esports data and odds provider Abios has released a new report on how esoccer can help operators acquire and retain customers during the Euros and Copa América. The report includes trading insights and commentary from Kambi’s Head of Soccer, Jonathon Hurst, as well as player retention strategies that can help operators make the most of a football-filled summer.

Esports data and odds provider Abios, part of the Kambi Group, has launched an esoccer report filled with actionable insights ahead of this summer’s Euros and Copa América tournaments. The report features tournament statistics, time-zone related betting patterns and expert commentary from Kambi’s Head of Soccer Jonathon Hurst on preparation for large-scale events, the importance of product consistency and why user retention matters.

The report, titled ‘Euros and Copa América: How to maximise a summer of football with esoccer’, highlights gaps in the summer football schedule and how they can be overcome. In delivering esoccer, Abios fills quieter periods in the football calendar for operators inside and outside of the Kambi network with high-quality content. Abios’ quick-to-integrate esoccer solution features an odds feed, stats, and streams for 11,000 monthly events, ensuring consistent and engaging entertainment for players.

Abios launched its esoccer product in Q4 2023, quickly becoming one of the most bet on leagues throughout the Kambi network. In Q1 2024, esoccer generated approximately 40% of the revenue as the English Premier League and is on track to continue its growth in Q2. Having delivered strong growth alongside a busy domestic football season, Abios believes esoccer will be the perfect complement to summer international tournaments, where there are far fewer games taking place.   

“Esoccer has seen solid growth in many sportsbooks, consistently ranking among top leagues by number of bets on the Kambi network. We’re excited to deliver insights into how operators can use esoccer to bolster their offering before, during and after major tournaments such as the Euros and Copa América.  

“Being part of Kambi, we’re also able to share additional expertise, hopefully providing a guiding light to help operators in reaching their targets for the summer.”

Anton Janér, Managing Director at Abios 

About Abios 

Abios facilitates the growth of a sustainable esports ecosystem by fueling enterprises and ambitious startups with the tools and data needed to build esports projects at scale.

With more than ten years of experience in esports, Abios provides historical and stream-live data from popular esports titles, such as Counter-Strike, League of Legends, VALORANT and Dota 2, to sportsbooks, search engines, esports teams, and others.

As part of Kambi Group plc, Abios provides data-driven odds and widgets to the regulated betting industry. Using proprietary modelling and innovative product features, Abios is taking esports betting to the next level.