Abios includes Computer Vision into its Dota 2 data offering


With Dota 2 being one of the big three esports, Computer Vision(CV) has been added to Abios data offering for the game. Dota 2 has shown high continued growth numbers. Not the least, with the latest TI10 being the most-watched event in the history of the game. Abios believes in its continued growth and wants to invest in creating an even better experience for new and existing customers. 

The success of The International in terms of viewership numbers, and prize pool goes to show the continued popularity of Dota 2 and how far it has come. Even if it has a smaller player base than League of Legends, the game holds its own and gets high viewership numbers year over year. 

Dota 2 is one of the big three esports, making it one of the core games in Abios data offering. As such, extensive data coverage is available for the game. That includes manual editing, +8 years of historical data and in some cases data directly from the game server. Although the data sources are already robust, Abios works to consistently expand on and improve the product offering. With an additional data source consistency, redundancy and more coverage can be ensured.

“When faced with the decision of adding more games or improving our existing data offering, we decided for some of both. We recently added Halo Infinite to our offering due to substantial customer demand. In addition to this, we have expanded and improved our computer vision offering to include Dota 2. This acts as a complementary data source to our current offering and includes new data points, hopefully enriching our customer experience with Dota 2.

As our customers are well aware, different data sources are suitable for different use-cases. We hope to offer a wide range of possibilities for any type of implementation. We’re excited to continue working with our customers to improve our products further.”

Oskar Fröberg, CEO and Founder of Abios

Computer Vision 

Computer vision consists of machine learning algorithms that watch pictures of streams to gather information about the standings in a match. The delay of the data is approximately the same as publicly available streams and covers several data points during different stages of the game. First, the algorithms will determine the outcome of the draft stage, e.g. heroes picked and banned. As the game progresses, the data API pushes events such as kills, deaths and towers as they happen. All to ensure our customers get the data necessary to provide a thorough product for Dota 2.


The integration process looks roughly the same for both new and existing customers, with extensive documentation found here. It’s worth noting that CV-data only works with the latest version of the V3 API keys.

About Abios 

Abios provides industry-leading esports data and technology for customers all over the globe. We provide data, compliance, odds, and widgets products for the most popular esports titles including CS:GO, League of Legends, Fortnite, and Dota 2.

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