An Abios OG Returns – Welcome Back to the Team Mats Stichel!


Our latest addition to the team is not only coming to Abios – but also coming back. As it happens, the only full-time developer who has ever left the company just returned after 3 years of consulting work at Netlight. His name is Mats Stichel, and he’s the one who built the first version of our API and migrated our first website from WordPress. Thus, he is somewhat of a legend in our developer team.

As our development team expands, we are happy and excited to welcome back Mats, who’s been an integral part in designing our early products. Abios grows and expands at a rapid pace, which brings the need for great developers. We look forward to getting Mats reacquainted with our systems and get him up to speed with all new projects. Our journey together has only begun!

Anton Janér, our CTO and Mats’ closest manager 

During his absence, Mats has worked as an It-consultant at Netlight, giving him opportunities across several projects, most notably on Swedish eScooter-startup Voi. He held positions as both a Backend Developer and Scrum Master in the company’s IoT-team, enabling him to fine tune his development and project management-skills. The company went through a fast and challenging growth phase, which required continuous adjustments to the ways of working. As Abios grows and more employees are joining monthly, the experience will be a valuable asset going forward. 

When asked why he wanted to come back to Abios, he said: 

Being a consultant has its advantages, but I missed feeling a part of what I was building. Feeling the ownership and pride of working on a product or platform over a long time and being involved in decision-making and planning processes. I knew the atmosphere at Abios is like this and felt like that was what I was missing.

Mats Stichel, Backend Developer, Abios

He proceeded to describe how the startup culture of Abios hadn’t changed, even though the company has grown significantly since he left. The growth has let him give the frontend responsibilities to other talented employees, leaving him to focus on backend development.

In addition to being a great asset to the team, Mats brings his passion for esports to the table. He has a soft spot for Tactical Shooter-games such as CS:GO and Valorant, where he has shown his talents by, among other things, killing the top ranking CS:GO player GeT_RiGhT. For more relaxing gameplay, he prefers to play a few hours of WoW. 

Welcome to the team Mats, we look forward to grinding The Burning Crusade together!

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