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Abios facilitates the growth of the esports industry by distributing esports data to companies of all sizes - from startups to market leaders.

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We Distribute Esports Data all over the World

Abios was founded in the dawn of esports in 2013. Today, there are thousands of esports games played everywhere - everyday. We decided to make all data accessible from the games. First to esports fans, and later to esports companies and stakeholders all over the world.

We collect the data from partnerships with real-time data providers, through computer vision powered by machine learning algorithms and 24/7 manual scouting. The data is collected in our database which holds over 8 years of historical data.

Esports data is distributed to customers all over the world. Be it an esports magazine, a cs:go wagering site, a fantasy esports app or a search engine - we have the data to keep their customers up to speed with the latest esports tournaments.


    Data as a Service

    Abios is a subscription based esports data company, operating a DaaS (data as a service) business model at its core. All products generate predictable recurring revenue and the Odds product is also offered on a revenue-share basis for Abios to grow with our customers and partners.

    We have built a normalised data model across games making Abios the easy to use, one-stop-shop for esports data, visualisations and probabilities. Our customers can easily subscribe to additional games or products and continue scaling their esports business with Abios.


    Protecting the Future of Esports

    With great data comes great responsibility. To facilitate the growth of the esports industry, we must first make sure all practices are in the best interests of the key stakeholders. These include the teams, individual players and tournament organisers, who put their hard earned money into creating value for us all.

    For them to be able to do what they are doing, we need to make sure the integrity of the esports industry stays intact. We do that by actively combatting nefarious activities such as match-fixing and cheating by monitoring match- and punter data.

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    Enabling Growth

    The esports industry is growing rapidly. We facilitate the growth by providing the industry and all stakeholders with granular data about in-game events, live scores, tournaments and teams.

    This gives esports news outlets credible sources to write from, teams the ability to study their performance in a data-driven way and statisticians the tools to predict outcomes.


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