Smite Pro League Season 3 Spring

24 Mar 2016 - 6 Jun 2016

General info

The Smite Pro League is kicking off with the first of the regular seasons, the Spring Split, on March 24th following the Pro League Relegations. The Smite Pro League will run throughout the year with seasonal splits making up the main part of the circuit. The best Smite teams from North America and Europe will be competing in their own respective leagues leading up to a series of finals.

The Spring Split will be capped off at Dreamhack Summer 2016, where the three best teams from Europe and North America will be joined by one team each from Brazil and Hispanoamérica. The event will decide who takes home the largest slice of the Spring Split's $ 450,000+ prize pool.

Tournament format

The regular splits will be played out through a series of Round Robin Best-of-Two matches where each team faces off against each other a number of times.

The top three scoring teams from Europe and North America throughout the season will qualify for the Spring Split playoffs held at Dreamhack Summer 2016 where they will be joined by the two best teams from Brazil and Hispanoamérica. The playoffs will be played in an eight-team Single Elimination bracket.


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