2016 Smite Oceania Pro League

27 Feb 2016 - 28 Nov 2016

General info

The Oceania Pro League is returning with style and this year with a prize-pool of $100,000 AUD. The tournament will feature the best Smite teams and players in the region fighting in three splits over the year. 

Oceania Pro League will start with two qualifying tournaments where the top two of each qualifier will advance to Split One. The Split One will be using a four week pro league where each team plays each other and the top two teams in the end of the split are awarded a spot in the CGPL LAN playoffs.

Teams that not are playing in the qualifiers will get a chance to compete in the tournament from weekly challenger open brackets where teams will be awarded points for their wins and at the end of the season the top four teams of the challenger series will be entered into the split two qualifier or the relegation stage where they will play the bottom teams from the split one pro league.

This year the CGPL LAN finals will be held in Sydney, at the Australia technology park with $10,000 AUD in Prize money.

Tournament format

The main tournament will start with two qualifying tournaments where the top two teams advance to the split one pro league where the teams will play each other in Best-Of-Three league matches. Update: Split 2 Matches Best-of-Two. 

The top two teams from the four week pro league will be awarded a spot in the Playoff Stage. Playoff Stage will be Best-of-Five Match.

Bottom four teams will be put into relegation with top four teams from Challenger Series. Matches Best-of-Five. Update: Split 1 Relegations changed due to disbanded teams and will be two teams.