2016 Turkish Champions League

16 Jan 2016 - 11 Sep 2016

General info

Boasting one of the most lively Wildcard League of Legends scenes in the world, the Turkish Champions League is starting off in the middle of January with the first half of their tournament league.

For the main part of the split, the eight participating teams will battle it out in a League format where every team plays each other twice.

At the end of the Summer Split the best team in the region will qualify for the International Wildcard Qualifier to represent Turkey, looking to claim a spot in Worlds 2016.

Tournament format

The Winter Split is played out through a League play Round Robin format where every team plays each other twice. All matches in this stage are Best-of-Ones.

The six top teams qualify for the playoffs, with the two highest scoring teams from the League play stage are automatically seeded into the semifinals of the playoffs.

The 7th placing team from the League play round drops to the Summer Promotion and the 8th placing team to the Promotion League Summer Season.

In the summer split all the regular season matches will be Best-of-Twos with a three point system, meaning defeats gives zero point, ties gives one point and wins give three points.


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