2016 Oceanic Pro League

18 Sep 2015 - 14 Aug 2016

General info

The Oceanic Pro League is back and with it comes new adventures and stories in the professional Oceanic LoL scene. The tournament will start off with the promotion series where the bottom three teams from the recent OPL will face off versus the Top three teams from the challenger league, the winning teams will qualify for the next OPL Split. 

The regular split will consist of League Play where the top four teams advance to the playoffs, and the bottom three teams will join the Promotion tournament.

Tournament format

Promotion Split : The bottom three OPL teams will face the Top three OCS teams in Best-Of-Five matches where the winner will qualify for the OPL Split.

Regular Split: The regular split will be played out as usual with League Play where the top four teams advance to the Playoffs and the bottom three will join the Promotion tournament.

Playoffs: The four teams are placed into a single elimination bracket starting in the semifinal. 
All matches are played in a Best-of-Five setting.