Hearthstone Team Story S2

24 Mar 2016 - 24 Jul 2016

General info

The second iteration of the Hearthstone Team Story tournament is here.

The tournament will feature Nine well known Chinses Hearthstone teams and a 1,228,000 CNY (~$ 190,000) Prize Pool. 

Tournament format

The second season of the Hearthstone Team Story will consist of four phases.

Phase one: Regular season part one. Nine teams play a Round Robin.
After all teams have played versus each other the last place team will be eliminated from the tournament.

Phase two: Mid-Season Playoffs. Single elimination bracket starting in the quarterfinal. Teams will be seeded based on phase one performance.

Phase three: Regular season part two. The eight teams that made it through phase one play a second Round Robin. 
The four best performing teams based on both phase one and three will advance to the Final Playoffs.

Phase four: Final Playoffs. The remaining teams play a King of the Hill Style bracket. 
I.E Seed four and three plays start in the quarterfinal, seed two starts in the semifinal and seed one start in the Grand Final.

Match Format: 
Regular Season: There will be two parts to each match.
Ace Match: 1v1 Best-of-Five Conquest rules. Winning the Ace Match rewards your team with one point.
Team Match: 3v3, Best-of-Eleven Conquest rules. Players in each team pilots two decks. Winning the team match will award your team with two points.
Multiple players in a team can not use the same class, including both ace match and the team match. This means that each team needs to play all nine classes.
The tournament will start using Standard format once WotOG is released.

Prize money breakdown.
Regular Season: Total of 828,000 CNY (~$ 128,000). For each point a team earns they will receive 4,000 CNY. The season MVP will also receive a 60,000 CNY bonus.
Mid Season playoffs: Total of 100,000 CNY (~$ 15,000). 1st Place 60,000 CNY, 2nd Place 30,000CNY, 3rd Place 10,000 CNY.
Playoffs: Total of  300,000 CNY (~$ 46,000). 1st Place 200,000 CNY, 2nd Place 70,000 CNY, 3rd Place 30,000 CNY.