2016 Mineski Pro Gaming League

15 Apr 2016 - 25 Jun 2016

General info

The Mineski Pro Gaming League's eight season is looking to be the biggest, most competitive season yet with over 1.8 Million PHP in prize money spread across the tournament games. The season will also premiere the new MineskiTV Studio.

Each match win = 3,000 PHP ($ 65) 
Each match draw = 2,500 PHP ($ 54) 
Each match loss = 2,000 PHP ($43)

Each Leg: 
1st place = 40,000 PHP ($ 800) 
2nd place = 20,000 PHP ($400) 

1st place = 65,000 PHP ($ 1,400) 
2nd place = 30,000 PHP ($ 650)

Tournament format

The main tournament season will be played in two stages:

Group Stage
Eight teams are split up into two round robin groups of four. Matches are Best-of-Two, and the highest scoring teams will enter the playoffs with a one point advantage.

Teams are seeded into a Single Elimination bracket depending on Group Stage scores. Quarter- and Semifinals are Best-of-Three's, and the Finals are Best-of-Five.