2016 MLG Americas Minor

19 May 2016 - 22 May 2016

General info

Americas Minor Championship 2016 hosted by MLG, which will be held in the in Columbus, United States.

The final stage of the tournament with 50,000 US dollars prize pool, will take place in the MLG Arena in Ohio.

The minors are Valve supported tournaments designed to help up and coming teams get exposure and experience of what it's like to play at the highest level. There for teams that have more than three players that participated in the previous major (MLG Columbus) are not allowed to participate.

Tournament format

Qualifiers will be played in weekends and feature an open and closed part. The open part will allow teams to signup and participate, with a maximum of 512 participating teams. Top placed teams from open part will advance to the closed part. The closed part will have teams pre-invited, based on their previous results and current world rank. These teams will then compete for spots. 

Eight qualified teams will be split into two groups. Group stage will be played in GSL format games Best-of-One with Decider match being Best-of-Three. Two teams from each group will move onto Playoffs. Playoff Stage will be played in Double Elimination bracket Best-of-Three matches.